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Oct 4, 2012 10:00pm EDT
,.../ congressman pauu ryan. there are a lot more fact checks on the debateeon our ttem by going to fox-balttiore dot com... and click on vott 2012 in the of the screen 3 3 3 33 & 3 this is why a school mom is suiig the school district.../ herrson beaten... while... students do nothing.../ butt wwo he's áreallyá mad att.. next "this is a pledge that you'ree making for your spouse that, in my oppnion, is jjst as important as marriage vows." 3 military wives on a missiin how they say going topless coold save soldiers lives. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with nothing. build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a time machine. go here. find someone who can build a futuristic dashboard display. bring future guy back. watch him build a tft display like nothing you've ever seen. get him to explain exactly what that is. the thin-film transistor display -- [ male announcer ] mnh, maybe not. just show it. customize the dash. give it park assist, that fuel efficiency flower thing. send future guy home. his work here is done. destroy time machine. win some awards. send in brady. that's how y
Oct 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
- investigates the questions raised about how the cityyspends your tax dollars. 3 15:05:05 ryan) "didn't happen, didn't happen, never happened... neeer happened!" back in may when we asked about questiinable spendinn on a city phone system in may.... the mayor's spokesman adamantly denied anything happeeed. but this 31-page city report... reveals several instances of poor managementa& ncllding possible waate.. (compttoller) 03:23:00 " the taxpayerrs should be outraged and in an uproor that this type of activity is taking place today before this board." city comptroller joan pratt accused the mayor of secretly buying pricey ppone equipment... even as her office was putting out bids for an overhaul of the city's phone syssem the mayor's office denied it did anyyhing wrong. the mayor herself - didn't reaaly wanna talk about it. (mayor) "you are obsessed with this" the accusations led to an investigation by the city's inspectto general's office. although the inspeccor general had the right to purchase new phones and equipment under an exxsting blanket conttactt the inspector general
Oct 5, 2012 10:00pm EDT
politicalt-shirt. sam awluccywore a romney-ryan campaign hirt to lass friday. that's when she sayssher honors geometry teachee pingled her out. sam says thee teacher callld in an assistant... who prrtended to draw on her shhrt with a marker... ...then demanded she take it off - saying this is a democraaic school. the teaccer - who is african--merican - parentssrepublican? i said i don't know. sse says that's like her weaaing a kkk shirt because she doo't knows i was livid to sayythe llast that a peeson of er position would take advantage of my daughter like thaa, embarrrss her in front oo all her peers, and make her feel so bad. bad.the family's phonee have been ringing off the hook.they say with eveey negative commenn, comes 2 in support. a... massive... on... medicarr fraud... this week...////. more... thaa... 90 and... other... medical - proffssionals...// accused... of bilking.... the... u.s....// out... of... 430---million dollars... have been... arrested..../// but... thaa... the... amount offmoney... lost... each year...// to... healtt fraud,//// healthcare fraud, waste and esti
Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
...and the rays were up saae nning, ryan roberts jerkk one out as well...a combination of rays home ruus &pandan al ost complete lack o orile offense led to a 4-1 defeat in the regular season finale.... 3 another division..anddplayoff spot decided in 3rd, 2-1 exas...david murphy sends a shot to right-center..ii'll get down...two runs cross the plate..the rangers built a 5-1 lead....buu oakland come back tootie. and then in the 4th, cespedes sends afly ball to &pcenyer, but atch, josh hamilton can't make the catch..two runs cross the plate,and the a's roll from &prrngers have a date with the birds... so here's what it sets up... the orioles will now travel to ddllas to ttke on thetexas rangers innthe american league wildcard...first pptch is set for 8:37pmm.remember, this is a whole new round...the firstt and you advanne... lose and you go home....buck ealed his starting pitcher.. joe saunders s the name we're hearing most 3&back here in baltimore... the city's other birds...the baltimore ravens have hopped bandwagon..guys all around owings mills today sporting o'
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4